Monday, July 16, 2007

Empty Nest

No not us.... are you kidding!!! No empty nest in this house yet. The empty nest is the robin's nest by the garden shed. On Sunday Auntie DiAnn came over to have me help her drink a bottle of wine (no problem). Well we sat by the garden shed drinking our wine while Mrs. Robin was trying to feed her babies, she was very nervous about coming in while we were there but our wine wasn't gone yet so we weren't leaving. Adam kept peeking at the nest with the 3 babies in, their mouths were always open and they looked like they were getting big enough to fly. I kept telling Adam to stop bothering them... DiAnn told him that the Momma Bird was going to chase him down and peck your eyes out of your head..... Yuck!
Here is Adam checking out the nest.

Can we say "I told you so"... The next picture is Adam locked in the garden shed for he says over 10 minutes because the Momma and Daddy Robin were attacking him. It's Monday morning and he walks to the garden shed to get something and the birds start attacking him. He remembers DiAnn's comment and locks himself in the shed until the birds get tired of bombing him and are a safe distance away for him to make a mad dash for the house. Yep Adam picked the fight with the wrong family... he happened to be in the middle of the parents teaching the babies how to fly away and they were protecting them from this pesty kid.
Here is Adam view as he protects his eyes from getting pecked out of his head!!

Now here's a picture of one of Adam's flowers. I used to buy a flower with a fun name for Adam to watch grow (I'm not sure why he was interested in the flowers and the girls weren't). This is a dayliliy called "So Behave" kinda fitting for Adam and the story above.

Not many pictures of people on here so here is a funky picture of Elly, she never takes a nice picture because she hates having her picture taken.

Adam and Elly as she is trying to talk Adam into letting her ride the bike he is on since it's too small for him. These two are like brother and sister.... bicker, bicker, bicker all night long.

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Lynn said...

Only 13 more days and I can come see that garden in person!!!

Love the funky picture of Elly and the Robin story is funny.

Since when did you and DiAnn drink wine? You girls are funny!