Wednesday, October 10, 2007

4 wheeling trip

John and I went on a 4wheeling trip this last weekend with some of his co-workers. It was a beautiful day for a ride, it should have been sweatshirts and jeans but instead tank tops and shorts were worn by some. I happen to love the outdoors and I look forward to this annual trip. John leans back to give me a kiss on the cheek and thank me for being a nature lover and not afraid of getting dirty.
It was very muddy since we have gotten over 4 inches of rain in the past weeks so John was going around all the puddles trying to not get real dirty. After a few hours of that he goes right straight through the middle thinking it might not be that bad.... Not that bad but not that good either. All others were carrying their cameras in plastic bags to prevent them from getting wet, nope not me, mine is right on my lap or in front of my face, if I can't get the splashing mud I ain't happy.
1 kid lost his 3 wheeler in a huge puddle, flipped er' right over, we got there and his dad was picking up pieces and putting the wheeler back together. It ripped his sock right off his foot, he only had the toes left and his show was floating away. Gotta love it. Next Brittney was trying to keep up to the dirt bikes and lost control and headed right into the brush, they had to pull her out but she was fine.
Then at the gravel pit All the kids got muddy from their ears to their toes. Check out the pictures from the day.

Alex and Monica (clean)

The start of some mud

Conrad is such a cute kid, he climbed this tree (and many others) like he was walking upstairs. Then he just sat up there....

Brittney in the pickers

The gravel pit (Alex and Monica are way back on the right and still clean)

Mark and Conrad driving through the mud holes like a 40+ year old...

Alex and Monica driving through the mud holes like teenagers (not clean anymore)

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Lynn said...

I need a wheeler!! You would think a husband would jump right on that one when his wife ask for a wheeler... hmmm, maybe he is waiting for Christmas... or maybe it is the fact that I tell him I need to look cute on my wheeler. If I am going to have a wheeler, I would like the gear to go with it... and perferable in pink!! Sissy? I know!! But cute and fashionable is always the way to go!! :) Poor Jesse and his crazy wife!

It looks like you guys had so much fun!! I love seeing all your pictures! What a beautiful day it was! Love it!!