Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Say Cheese

Adam got his braces off today..... yeah! Look at those teeth.

No more paying for orthodontist bills.... I can't begin to tell you how much money we have spent on straight teeth but every cent was well worth it. Now let's all keep our retainers in our mouths to maintain that work.... right Lynn??? You too Shannon!!
Happy Birthday Shannon, you're 22 today. It still seems like yesterday that you were asking for everything yellow for your birthday. Yellow flowers, yellow cake, yellow presents, yellow clothes. And of course that's what you got.

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Lynn said...

I was talking to Shan on the phone last night and she saw Adam and she screamed "Your teeth are so little!!"

Nice smile Adam!! And your teeth are so white!!

Um... retainer... what retainer?? I stopped wearing mine when I got married! You can not be wearing a retainer when you are married!!! So, yeah... it doesn't fit anymore! Oops! I would wear it now... just didn't think it was very cool when I was first married.