Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Picture Assignment #1 (Color)

I found an on-line free course for some photo assignments and this is Assignment #1. Go out and take a picture of color. Well this time of year the color isn't very good. All the leaves are gone, no snow to accent the other colors.... This is as good as I could do for right now. I'm not really happy with this picture for the assignment challenge but I do like the pictures. It was a Saturday morning after a hard frost and the river was steaming.

Sun peaking through the trees.

It was one of those beautiful fall mornings that smells so cold and fresh.

The reflections were stunning.

Then after what I think is not such good color that evening during sunset we are outside and I see the most gorgeous colorful sunset...... ohhhh my camera, my assignment, my color.
How's this for color outside?
I'm still not sure if I consider myself done with this assignment, so far I have not moved onto assignment #2 so I must feel I can do better, comment to me and let me know what you think.


Natalie said...

I think you can move on to assignment #2! Those sunset pictures are amazing!!!

The Hemmers said...

Thanks Natalie I only needed one person to tell me to move on and you've made my day. Tonight I will study the lesson and try to complete the assignment by the end of the weekend.

Lynn said...

I agree! Sunset pictures are awesome. And your river pictures are pretty impressive with the fog.

Lisa said...

All the pictures are fab u lus!! You do such beautiful work-