Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Corn Maze

Elly, Lynn, Shannon and I went to the corn maze on Saturday. Elly had a great time running through the maze finding the clues so she could get a prize at the end. She got to pick the paths that we took and I tried to scare her that she was going the wrong way... she didn't scare or fall for any of it.

Tia is helping her with her first clue, there was a nursery rhyme for each of the 5 clues.

Her favorite clue... the spider, now she wants to find the web... there is no web!

We finished the corn maze and Elly went straight to the round hay bale maze, she was cautious and ran around on the inside
and then when she seen the bigger kids on the tops she wanted to try it. By the time we left she was running. Tia wanted to know if I brought her helmet and Shan wasn't real impressed with Grandma teaching her dangerous boy things. Shan kinda likes her being a clean cautious little girl.

We took a hay wagon ride to the round barn.

The round barn, they moved this here last year and I forget how many years old it is but it's old. They are fixing up the inside to hopefully host weddings and picture backdrops for weddings, seniors... It was so cool.

Looking up through the center. There were two levels in the barn.

Elly in the pumpkin patch. It was a very fun day. We finished the day with eating at Applebee's for Shan's birthday and shopping at Target for Elly's new pink and brown cowgirl boots.

Happy Fall

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Shawna, Mike, Josh,Jake & Jett said...

We didn't make it to a corn maze or a pumpkin patch this year...I don't know why because we usually find a different one to go to every year.
Love that barn...wouldn't that be cool to take pictures in/by?