Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Emmerich Soup Off 2007

It's that time of year again, SOUP OFF! The time we all stress over what soup we're gonna make, put our families through pots and pots of different soups asking if it's a winning soup.... Making casual conversations with the sisters to see if anyone is going to spill what soup they are making.... I even stooped as low this year as stopping by DiAnn's on the night before the soup off to see if I could see or smell her soup.
I'm not very good at soup, except Chicken Noodle and I already won with that soup so I can't bring it anymore. I dig through tons of soup recipes looking for the best sounding soup and I decide on a not so difficult soup, it sounds good and it's easy.
John ask.... what soup are you making this year? I tell him "Spicy Pork and Vegetable Soup", he says "Ohhhh" not the oh like yum that sounds good, the oh like I'm not gonna like it. I tell him if I went to the 8th Street and wrote the soup of the day on the board "Spicy Pork and Vegetable Soup" he would say... "oh that sounds good I'll have to try a cup". As you can tell it gets real tense when it's close to Soup Off Final Decision Day!!
Here are some of the girls with their monster glasses drinking a fun drink that Lynn brought.

The official soup off voting cans. This year we had 10 different soups

The line up of soups, everyone tries every soup and then gets one red voting spoon and places the voting spoon into the orange can with the same number as their favorite. Sometimes you have to go back for 2nd's if you have a couple favorites until you can decide on only one.

And the winning soup is "Corn Chowder"

Made by DiAnn.... her first year winning the Soup Off. Shown below with the prize winning ladle (made by Shannon E, last years winner) and her 5 voting spoons.

Congratulations DiAnn it really is a big honor, the Winner of 2007 Soup Off

Here is Terry with his son Ian in his highchair.

A new event this year was a football kicking contest won by Tom for the guys and Lynn for the girls. Tom won a pie and Lynn won cut out cookies.
Another new event... a pie shooting contest. Shannon shot a gun for the first time in her life.

Lynn trying her luck at the pie shoot.

Here's the target

Here's where the girls shot.

Gayle's shot

Lynn's shot

And Shannon's shot

Maybe next year they will do better.

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