Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Big Blue Eyes and El's Hugs

Anyone wanna go for a swim in these eyes? I don't remember El's being this blue, she did have big blue eyes but I think Garrett has hers beat.

Elly with more hugs see here this one I took when the game wasn't going on..... those silly girls, they kinda look alike and the only thing they have alike is their mom and grandma's name is the same.


The Rau's said...

i love little girls with their friends...always holding hands or hugging. cute little girls

The Rau's said...

oh, and that is the look on garrett that i totally see him looking like john. his eyes really are big and blue, holy cow!

Lynn said...

That Garrett is all Hemmer!! Wowsers! I thought Mally's eyes were getting more blue- but nothing like Garrett's!

Those girls could be twins! My goodness!

Emmerichs Events said...

How Cute. Those girls look like they could be twins and I LOVE Garretts eyes. Every picture I see of him that is the fist thing I notice - Wow. He is going to have girls falling all over him when he grows up.