Monday, July 20, 2009

Flower Walk

I thought I’d take you on a flower walk since almost all the lilies are blooming.   Of course it just got done raining and I’ll tell you the names of them if I remember.  I don’t remember this one’s name and it’s a huge flower.


Moonbeam Coreopsis


Volunteer Petunias that are coming up inside my bricks on the front steps.  I have problems with plants coming back from their seeds of last year. 


This Lilly is so white until the pollen gets blown around on them.  I guess I can’t remember many of their names, I should have taken notes while I took them or stop being so lazy and walk back out there to look at their tags.




Dancing Eyes






Coneflowers are getting close


Some stray Lupines are still blooming and Pink Poppies in the back…. don’t worry they are in the garden that I don’t care about so they can grow as much as they want.


Purple Loosestrife


Gara – This is an annual that I put in my pots…. I love this stuff.


That’s what I have so far, there are tons more out there so if you’d like to come take a real walk just give me a call, with the cooler July weather I have plenty of plants to share with you yet (besides the Lilies, I don’t share them).

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Emmerichs Events said...

Thanks for the walk in your garden. When I get the garden planted out back I will have to have you come and take a walk too. Everything I planted last year looks so much better. It is amazing what a year can do. I have a couple of other lilies that I will take pics of today. I actually have a couple that I could maybe share "a couple". I have a dark red one that is beautiful. My stargazers aren't open yet, but they too are a favorite of mine.