Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer time with the grandkids

Elly - Age 6
* Elly finished her first season of soccer.
* She liked the games but not practice.
* She is not aggressive enough to get in there and kick like the other kids.
* If another kid fell down or got hurt she would stop and ask them if they were okay.
* She made lots of new friends and one BFF, this weekend she spent the night at her house.

Garrett - 8 months
* Garrett got used to his nightly naps in the stroller during the games.
* We loved spending the time with him twice a week, we're gonna miss him now.
* He's a momma's boy, we had to keep Shan out of his sight and she had to keep quiet or he'd whine for her.
* Grandpa loves his little boy.

Mallory - 7 weeks
* It's time to smile and coo
* Mallory is recognizing voices and faces.
* She's gaining a little weight, she's not so fragile anymore.


DEB said...

They are all so special in their own way. We are patiently waiting for grandchild #4 to make an appearance.

Emmerichs Events said...

How sweet. Enjoy those beautiful little ones. Sounds like a busy summer - like always, but always so special.