Tuesday, July 28, 2009

House Update

Since I haven't shown you the wide view with the column being stained and the table painted here is a look into our space.

I love the updates and now living in an old house is so homey and the character you get cannot be repeated, if you want to remember what we started with go here or here. Now I have to start saving my loose change for hardwood flooring throughout the entire downstairs. When we moved into this house there were hardwood floor throughout both floors and we have managed to cover them all except in Adam's bedroom (I painted that one). My only dilemma is what to do with the steps, John doesn't like my idea of rebuilding them so I'll have to do some magazine shopping and find the perfect solution.


Patti said...

I LOVE the beams on the ceiling!! I kinda wanted these in my kitchen but I think I was talked out of it. Well not really I just gave up because I knew it wasn't going to happen. What is on the other side of the hole in the wall? Is that where the front door used to be many moons ago?

The Rau's said...

Love it. You know you can put hardwood on the steps...I've seen it done and it looks great. Of course Mike tells me no, but he will probably tell you yes :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by!! I LOVE Your blog.. and that room is gorgeous. What fun inspiration.